Terms & Conditions

All bookings made with PT. Hotel Wholesale Center are subject to the following terms and conditions. Since you’ll be bound by these conditions once the agreement comes into force, we request you to carefully read and understand them. PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b reserves the complete right to alter, add, or delete any of these terms and conditions without any prior notice, and such changes naturally apply to you upon booking a tour or package with us. Failure in adhering to our T&C might result in termination of services and deactivation of your account with

1. Pricing

A price mentioned in our website or brochure vary as per the services, In Case of Hotel they will be Per Room Per Night which does not include TOURISM DIRHAM (It is to be paid by the guest directly at the hotel), In Case of tours it is based on per person with SIC (Seat in Coach) basis and will be shown with the total number of the guest if searched via private basis. It is non-inclusive of any kind of payment done from the part of customers, in the form of visa fee, room charges and tips to drivers or guides. In addition, changes in pricing may occur in the event of any additional expense incurred by your transport or accommodation service provider. All the third party attractions and products must not be sold individually at rates lower than their gate prices. The discounts can be given only if in combination with other products and under no circumstances its featured rates must be less than the attraction's gate price.

2. Mode of Payment

Upon choosing your preferred tour service or holiday package, you can make your payment via a valid credit card/Debit card, such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Diners, or Visa. Depending on the package, you may be entailed to make full payment.

3. Payment Confirmation

As soon as you make the payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email, along with a unique booking reference number and voucher. Since it is deemed as a proof of payment, we advise you to take a print out of the voucher.

4. Disclaimer of Liability

  • We take all possible effort to make sure that information contained on the website of PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b is precise and genuine. If you find any information on this website to be imprecise, please notify us the same by forwarding us an email to [email protected] or by dialing us at+-, and we’ll try to rectify it as early and practicable as possible .
  • While we endeavor to keep the information up-to-date, there may be incorrect or outdated content. Moreover, website content is subject to change without any prior notice. PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b does not give assurance, warranty, or representation of any sort, implicit or explicit, on account of the authenticity, accurateness, appropriateness, comprehensiveness, reliability, and availability of information contained on the website.
  • In order to keep the website up and running in the most efficient and smooth manner as well as ensure that our IT infrastructure is free of any error or virus, we implement state of the art technological solutions. That said, PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b will take no responsibility for and should not be held liable in the event the website is temporarily inaccessible or for any loss or damage that occur as an outcome of the access to, or incapability to use the website of PT. Hotel Wholesale Center due to virus attacks whatsoever.
  • PT. Hotel Wholesale Center website may contain links that lead to third party websites, which consequently are not under the control of PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b. Apparently, we do not have any authority on and take no accountability with regards to information available on such websites.
  • Under no circumstance, PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b or any of its employees, partners, agents, or sub-contractors should be held liable for any consequential or unintended loss, claim or decision made as part of the use of its website, content or materials, which include, but not restricted to, business loss, data corruption, loss of goodwill or reputation, and loss of personal information.

5. No Show Policy

If you do not avail of a paid tour service partly or fully, PT. Hotel Wholesale Center b2b will not make any refund in such circumstance. This is applicable to all unutilized PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B tour services including city tour, limo service, desert safari etc.

6. Cancellation Process

In order to cancel a booking, Firstly we would request you to cancel the booking through on also send us a notification in writing. An email would be enough. Once we receive your cancellation request, we’ll acknowledge it through one of these modes: email, telephone, or fax, while citing the cancellation fee you may be required to pay. Please be informed that PT. Hotel Wholesale Centerb2b is not liable for any cancellation request received from guests.

7. Guest Refund Policy

The Guest Refund Policy is meant to support guests in the event they suffer any travel issue. It is applicable to all guests who make a tour reservation through PT. Hotel Wholesale Center website. However, this will be in accordance with the terms stated on your tour booking voucher. While we’ll do everything possible to refund the amount if you need to cancel a tour or package booked through the PT. Hotel Wholesale Center, it is vital to note that we’re subject to different set of policies when it comes to private contract. It is, therefore, not viable for us to guarantee the same refund procedure or policies for all tours and services listed on PT. Hotel Wholesale Centerb2b website. Accordingly, the following policies apply for:

  • Tickets: All tickets are non-refundable as well as non-transferrable .
  • Visa: Fee charged for all types of visas is non-refundable, as the immigration authority of the UAE normally does not refund the amount in the case of rejected visa applications.
  • Unused Tours: No refund can be made for unused tours, partly used or unutilized part of holiday package. Precisely, such unused services are not exchangeable or refundable.
  • No Show: PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B should not be held liable, if a guest fails to notify our team regarding the cancellation of tour or do not reach on time at the place of commencement of tour. Such cases will be treated as No Show and are non-refundable.
  • Third party services: Since they are subject to different refund and cancellation policies, some of the services offered by third parties may be non-refundable. We normally provide the details of the same at the time of booking.
  • In order to get refund of a tour service or package purchased directly from the PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B, you’ll need prior authorization in writing. All decisions taken by PT. Hotel Wholesale Center with regards to refund policy will be final and bind on both PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B and guests.

8. Cancellation Policy

Your ability to amend or cancel a tour booking made through PT. Hotel Wholesale Center is determined by the respective tour’s terms and conditions or third party suppliers’ cancellation policies. Accordingly, depending on the tour type, there are instances in which you may not be able to make an amendment / cancellation of your tour booking or will have to abide by certain conditions for the same.

9. Itinerary Amendments

Depending on climatic conditions, flight schedules, and such other various aspects, certain inclusions in your package, such as transfers, are subject to changes. In such situation, we’ll try to offer suitable alternatives of original tour value, which – however – is subject to its availability. As mentioned earlier, PT. Hotel Wholesale Center holds the complete right to make minor changes in the tour packages, and the guest is not entitled for any refund in such circumstances. Furthermore, no refund is made on cancellation of a tour service due to the reasons beyond our control, such as natural calamities. For any special request mention the same information in special request column given on the booking detail page also note that the request given by the guest will be subject to availability.

10. Accommodation & Check-in & Check-out Policy

At PT. Hotel Wholesale Center, we endeavor to help you pick an accommodation choice that best suit your business or holiday needs. Regarding check-in / check-out policy, it varies from one hotel to another, and hence we advise you to refer to your hotel website. Apparently, PT. Hotel Wholesale Centerb2b is not liable for any late or early check-in or check-out, To avail that we would request you either to send us an email with the arrival timing of the guest immediately after the booking is done, or else mention the same information in special request column given on the booking detail page also note that the request given by the guest will be subject to availability.

11. Travel Documents

Be sure, especially if you’re coming from another country, to carry all documents that qualify your entry to the destination. Reimbursement will not be made by PT. Hotel Wholesale Center, if your entry is restricted due to the lack of proper documents. Further, prior to your visit, it is highly recommended to check with your country’s consulate to get an idea on entry prerequisites.

12. Website Usage

Each of PT. Hotel Wholesale Center content, covering images, product details and description, pricing information, and logo, is proprietary to PT. Hotel Wholesale Centerb2b. You may view or print any or all part of the website, though cannot be utilized for any commercial, non-personal or illegal causes.

PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B is firmly dedicated to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our esteemed guests’ personal information. We, therefore, implement state-of-the-art electronic and technical safety system in order to safeguard guests’ privacy rights when they use our website or interact with PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B staff. The inclusions of privacy policy outlined herein will give you a clear understanding on how PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B will collect, utilize, and most of all, protect your information that you provide us through any of these sources, such as email, company website, or agent.

1. Collection of Personal Information

PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B entails to submit your personal details, such as name, contact number, location address, email id, and payment info, especially when you get in touch with us to enquire about our services or at the time booking a tour package. By submitting such details, you allow us to utilize your personal data for further relevant purpose.

2. Use of Information

The client’s personal information collected via the website, email or other sources is primarily used to confirm booking, authenticate credit card information, and process the payment. Apart from utilizing it for activities intended to improve the website’s performance, this information is also submitted to airline or accommodation service provider, depending on your preferred service package.

3. Privacy of Your Data

At PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B, we assure you that we’ll not disclose or sell any information – partly or fully - provided by you at the time of booking. Even if we have to submit your details to third parties including hotels and flight carriers, we ensure that they strictly confirm to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

4. Legal Disclosure of Information

In order to obey a court order or safeguard the PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B rights, we may disclose your private details.

5. Collection of Non-Personal Information

This indicates data that PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B compiles through suppliers, third party service providers, and web logs, and it is mainly put in use to analyze the performance of our website.

6. Opt-Out

Should you no more wish to obtain our newsletters or emails indicating latest tour promotions, we request you to notify the same to our customer support team. Give us a call on - or send an email to book@PT. Hotel Wholesale with subject ‘Unsubscribe.’

7. Contests and Surveys

From time to time, PT. Hotel Wholesale Center B2B conducts sweepstake, lucky draw, polls and surveys, of which some are planned in conjunction with third party sponsor. In such instances, we’ll inform our clients about the involvement of a third party as well as their scope of utilizing your personally identifiable information. Further, it is up to you whether or not to participate in such contest, survey or poll.

8. Secured Financial Transaction

To avoid any kinds of discrepancies in terms of the use of your personal information, we deploy advanced server to secure your orders and process information. The use of sophisticated technical system will provide a further layer of protection to your sensitive data, such as payment details.

Payment Options

Choose from one of our quick and convenient payment options, and our team will ensure that the whole procedure is undertaken in the safest manner possible.

  • Credit card
  • Bank guarantee
  • Internet Banking
  • Cash deposit
  • Bank transfer

We also offer following payment choices for our clients.

  • Floating Cash Deposit: This requires clients to maintain a certain amount of money as floating deposit, as agreed by both parties. As soon as the client makes a reservation, this is deducted from the deposit amount. But reservations will not be allowed or even cancelled, if the deposit fund is low or insufficient.
  • Credit Line: Clients can secure a confirmed booking of tours and services with an established credit line. In order to be assigned with a credit line, it’s vital for the clients to abide by the provisions and standards set by PT. Hotel Wholesale Center, besides maintaining a floating deposit or a bank guarantee from a reputable financial institution.

PT. Hotel Wholesale Center provides a comprehensive suite of travel solutions at a very competitive rate and without any hidden fee / string attached. We also assure our members of excellent technical support and immediate response to their queries with the best of our knowledge.

Cash AgentCredit Agent
No credit limit is assigned Will be assigned a credit limit
No floating deposit is required A floating deposit is required
Not able to issue voucher until payment is madeVoucher can be issued soon after the confirmation of booking
Reservation can be made with a live credit card & Debit CardReservation can be made with a credit limit assigned
Need to make payment though Credit and Debit card prior to the cancellation deadlineCredit amounts will be adjusted based against Credit limits & PT. Hotel Wholesale Center’s payment / invoice rules
Can directly voucher the booking once the payment done by credit and debit cardCan voucher the booking instantly through Credit Limits
Can make bookings within Cancellation periodCan make bookings within Cancellation period
Cannot Confirm the booking can only VoucherCan Confirm the Booking without vouchering

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